"To Leave no trace but knowledge" - Steven J Taylor
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Welcome to Stevie Outdoors YouTube for Northern Wilderness Bushcraft

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Steve Taylor, the founder of Northern Wilderness Bushcraft Wilderness Club and Wild Camp. Steve has taught bushcraft and outdoor skills for over 20 years to the public and has been seen on local and national TV, heard on the radio; he has been written about in 4 different books plus many magazines and news articles. Steve is also a wildlife and historical tour guide. Steve also teaches surfing and he is also a locksmith instructor with www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Steve is now retired from public teaching but today crates online content for his youtube channel and has access to many miles of outstanding woodlands where friends can join him on outdoor activities.

Welcome to the home of bushcrafter and writer, youtuber and outdoorsman Steven J Taylor.

Stevie Outdoors is a YouTube channel created by bushcraft and survival instructor Steven J Taylor who has taught outdoor education for over 20 years but is now retired from teaching and chooses to make online content for his YouTube channel that has been known as Northern Wilderness since 2013 but in 2018 Steven changed the name of the channel to Folk of the Forest and each video features Steven on his journeys in the wilderness as he explores the wild world around him, giving his own ideas on bushcraft to wilderness skills, survival to general videos about kit to expeditions, from the country to the coast with his emphasis on "leave no trace but knowledge". Steven is a activist for for both land and sea along with fighting to stop animal cruelty and mass farming. He recognises that there is a need to educate the world in respectful bushcraft and outdoor skills with his look upon respect for all life with the understanding that he or humanity is not the top of the chain, he does not believe in domination of the land around him but he believes in been part of that land, to learn from it and to pass on the old ways of woodsman, after all we are Folk of the Forest. 

Stevie Outdoors, who is Stevie?

Stevie Outdoors is a YouTube channel featuring bushcrafter Steven J Taylor, he takes viewers on small bushcraft adventures.

Stevie is a traditional woodsman, respectful to nature and loves the old ways, from the folklore to bushlore. Stevie films bushcraft and outdoor based content for YouTube with over a million watched hours of content. 

Stevie has access to over 2.5 miles of wild land, woodlands and river. He often showcases this land in his videos along with kit reviews but who is Stevie? Well Stevie lives in a VW crafter van with his partner Jill and there dog Reef, they travel around Europe on different adventures from mountain climbing to woodland foraging to surfing and paddle boarding. Steve lives his best life and loves to take you along on his adventures with wilderness based content, his sense of humour and ideas that create a fun entertaining YouTube channel. 

"The More you know the less you cary" - Mors Kochanski

YouTube Videos and Information!

Steve has made many videos on everything from floating woodland beds to making ladders, knife craft, woodlore to vegan cooking. You can follow Steve and his channel by following the link bellow and subscribing to his channel and turning on the notifications. He is a video on the right, have a watch and see if you like the kind of content Steve puts out before you subscribe. 

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Check Steve adventures as he and his partner sold their home to build out a old school VW T25 as they go and travel the UK and Europe doing everything from bushcraft to surfing, coastal adventures and wild camping, survival along with all kinds of outdoor activities. You can visit there YouTube and subscribe to keep up with all of Steve's adventures and find out where they are at on there huge road trip. Once they have finished traveling Steve and his partner Jill will be buying land to build a freehold with solar..