"To Leave no trace but knowledge" - Steven J Taylor
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Bushcraft, survival, wild camping, bushcraft meet in County Durham Northeast England

Welcome to Brothers of the Woods Wilderness and Bushcraft Club, Known as B.O.W in County Durham

Our bushcraft club or as we call it a wilderness club is for adults who wish to practice bushcraft, survival, woodland skills in a safe area but an area that feels totally wild in private land that is protected.

B.O.W work as part of the land and with the land and do not dominate it, so just to be as clear as we can be we do not hunt, we do not go around chopping down the trees for no reason.

We are wilderness club and this means that we protect the wilds, from the trees to animals and everything in between, our ethics are green and or morals are strong.

We are not preppers or anything of that nature, but we are real woodsmen and green wood workers, we are bushcrafters, writers, bloggers and YouTube video makers that use this land as the backdrop to our lives in nature, we are a small club with a long history set in 5 miles of private land.

Our Lands History

Brothers of the Woods has a long history but our club is based on historical fact with a nod to our sites past.

The land we use was the same land used once by the ancient pagans for religious rights and would later become a Christian site with monastery for the order of the black monk or what’s known today as the Benedictine monks.

Our site has been used by the ancient Vikings who settled on our land and created homesteads with farming and fishing on the wear, ancient ash trees have been found in a circle to say that the Vikings once held court here, see the Vikings were also known as the Men of Ash as they once held there moots or court in a ash tree circle and that’s where we still meet to this day and hold our woodland moots that help connect people with the land, allow them to escape the city and stress of modern life.

The site was used for hundreds of years by the Monks of Durham when it became a Christianised site to where the brothers or monks would learn botanical skills, learn about wild edibles and medicinal, navigate the night skies to see the star maps and even used it as a holiday retreat from the stresses of their towns back in the 1100s and 1200s.

But long before that we believe the ancient druids had also used the site as it was always held in high regard with deep religious ties to the ancient past. Still today we have a circle or what’s left of it of ancient oak trees which would of been the place druids met to also discuss their business.

Today we carry this deep connection on as we meet at the same sites each month and teach people there ancient skills of woodcraft, tree lore, wood lore, bush lore, sky lore and much more.

Modern History of the Wilderness Club

Today our club is a place of education and a place to get away from it all. It was created in 2003 by Steven J Taylor who first set up the Ravensworth Wilderness Moot which went on to become the Brothers of the Woods Wilderness Club.

Today B.O.W is a small club that cover the land fees by all having a membership fee, each year we all pay to use the land for our club and as part of this we learn from each other, we have woodland mangers to university lectures to normal guys that just want to wild camp and fish. We have a collective of great minds, blacksmiths, green wood works to bushcraft instructors, foraging guides and many more, collectively the knowledge that we hold is strong and some of it is long lost, by creating this club it means we could save the knowledge of the old ways and pass it on and keep it alive.

We are a small community that manage the land, keep it healthy by coppicing the trees, researching the plants and stopping illegal poaching of our wild life.

Our heritage of the site comes through and we are not a Christian group but we are a mix of religions and ethics, beliefs from pagan to Christian but we are all get on fine as at the centre of our heritage is the land.

What we do as a Wilderness and Bushcraft club!

Each month the Brothers of the Woods (B.O.W) host a bushcraft moot, this a meeting or gathering of other woodland clans, clubs, woodsmen and naturalists around our main camp fire who come along to learn skills that would cost thousands to learn if you attended courses on each subject, the club charge a fee which goes towards the up keep of the land and the club as we are a none profit club.

We come and wild camp for a full weekend or just a night, we have demos, courses and talks along with meals around the campfire and some form of evening entertainment but generally we all just get together and open our club up once a month to the public so they can share in our knowledge and skills and meet new people, we may swop kit give other members help and in return they will teach other skills, we share and work together.

We also have a members only night this is a night we all get together, discus club/clan business, make votes and discus club and local news and events along with welcoming new members.

We have a ceremony for welcoming in new brothers and sisters to club that’s closely guarded by all members but makes for a fantastic night. We also have our own handshake that lets others know what woodland club or clan we are from, welcome in the seasons and celebrate the changes in nature with a nod to our lands ancestry.

A club like ours has many privileges such as the access to such amazing land which is hard to come by, we also receive major discounts with outdoor shops, knife makers and other clubs.

We also have a club symbol which is embossed on to leather and worn on packs, shirts and hats, this is for club member only use and different patches can show what level in a club a member is what skills they can help with.

We also host road trips to other clubs/clans and we also welcome them to our lands to, we host gatherings with stalls to live music or we may even hire a bus and head to Scotland wild camping.

You dont have to take part in the moots, you can just use the land and wild camp, learn your own way and enjoy the land for what it is, some members keep to them selves and we only see them at the Yule Gathering. Its an ideal way to spend your spare time, explore and practice. 

How to Join!

Our club is not one you can just sign up to, it’s a little bit different as its more than just a “thing” to do on a weekend, it’s a commitment to the land and people of the club and spots in the club are hard to come by but we do take new members on.

You Must attend at least 2 moots, that’s 2 full weekends you must get to know each members, chat to the club and see the land, find out if you like it first and get on with everyone.

Once you have done that you must have let us know on your first moot that you want to join, once you have been twice and camped with us and met everyone then we will hold a meeting for new soon to be members to attend a private invite to meet the full club, we will then take it to a vote and majority vote will see you start a temporary membership period for 3 months, if you make it through the 3 months without and issues then we will welcome you in to the club as a member.

We do this to make sure you and the club work well together and are a good fit. Once you become a full member you can then vote on changes and use the land as much as you like to wild camp or practice your skills.

Membership Costs!

Our club membership per year is £49.99 for a full year that runs 1st October to the 1st October and that is payed by all members even if you did not camp and just wanted day time access. Parking is free with discounts on fishing much more. 

We offer two style of membership.

Pay as you go which is £49.99 for membership then £6 per night or 2 nights for £10 once you are a member, under 16s are free, max of 3 per adult and guests cost £10 per night.

We also offer the Yearly pass which is your membership of £49.99 then £69.99 for an unlimited camping pass where you pay nothing else all year, under 16 are free, max of 3 per adult, guests are £10 per night.

We also offer a year’s fishing passport to our river for only £80 per year.

As a member you get the monthly moot free of charge which hosts all demos, courses, talks etc worth £45.

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If you would like to become a member then please contact us and we can let you know more.

If you would like to offer a talk, demo our course or promote you business with us at the moots by holding a stall etc then please contact us on 07525639943.

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