"To Leave no trace but knowledge" - Steven J Taylor
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Bushcraft, survival, wild camping, bushcraft meet in County Durham Northeast England

About Stevie Outdoors Bushcraft and Northern Wilderness Bushcraft

Steven originally created Northern Wilderness Bushcraft back in 2003 as a collective of like minded folk that would meet once a month at a local woodland moot where they would share skills, knowledge and to pass on kit, meet new and old friends around the fire. 

This eventually led to Steve running the longest running Northeast bushcraft school at the old woodlands at Finchale Abbey in County Durham but Steve retired from teaching back in 2013 to where he turned his school into a wilderness club based around conservation till 2018 where he and other managed to remove over 40 tuns of plastic and rubbish from local woodlands in Durham but sadly in 2018 the club would find out that the land owners wanted £2000 a year for land hire which ended the club having a permanent home in Durham, many went on there own solo journey others started to venture off once a month looking for new lands to wild camp on. 

Stevie still has private access to these old lands but no longer hosts a club or any kind and is now a solo bushcrafter and woodsmen. 

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There is no better feeling than sitting around a open fore under a star lit sky chatting with good folk, debating life and enjoying a tipple as nature thrives around you. Today Steven still has access to his land and welcomes good friends and his channel supporters to enjoy the land he has around the UK. 

Steve now focuses on his channel when he has time as he is also a master locksmith and the head instructor at Taylors Locksmith Academy, avery traditional old world skill. Apart from his day job Steven also has a keen interest in ancient beliefs and cultures along with the paranormal, myths and ghosts. 

Steve often enjoys retelling many ghostly legends around the fire with his friends and sometimes on his YouTube.

Stevie Outdoors Bushcraft has its own Camp and Recording areas

The UK law makes its exceptionally hard today for bushcraft practice due to us having to use axes, knives and items which can be deemed a threat or danger to the public which means we cant carry these items in public areas. 

Folk of the Forest have many access rights to difrent private land where Steven can openly carry these items and use them for his YouTube channel without the worry of been fined, arrested and charged.

Steven has his own base camps around the UK which are setup for him to be able to record with a outdoor kitchen, wooden activities areas along with sites he can use for building things such as shelters to testing out new kit.

Today Steve uses these sites for filming for his YouTube channel to help bring quality content from overnight challenge, wilderness expeditions to gear and kt reviews.

Social and Online Presence

Stevie Outdoors and Northern Wilderness have a small but strong community of over 2.8k followers on facebook, 7.9k followers on Instagram and over 1.3k followers on our YouTube with a watch hour of over 1 million with some videos having over 20k views and the channel taking almost as many as a million and half hits and are steadily growing with a diehard community of followers and fans alike that love our content. 

We aim to grow our social presence as social influencers for the right reasons such as creating awareness of plastic pollution, mass farming issues and the impact we as humans  have on our world to woodland and beach cleans, along with promoting the right ideas and principles of outdoor ethics. 

We also showcase quality brands that work and meet our guidelines and principles of been ethical for all and the environment.