"To Leave no trace but knowledge" - Steven J Taylor
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Bushcraft, survival, wild camping, bushcraft meet in County Durham Northeast England

Welcome to our videos page on Bushcraft and Survival, Wild camping to 0utdoor Cooking, Reviews and More!

Welcome to our videos page and thanks to all the YouTubers that have created such fantastic videos that showcase Northern Wilderness over the years.

Steven J Taylor has started creating his own YouTube channel via Northern Wilderness Bushcraft, we will have a new page dedicated to Steven’s videos as and when we have enough to fill a page, these will be everything from his adventures to easy how to tips and tricks related to outdoor living and bushcraft along with survival skills and much more.

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Video of the Month with Steven J Taylor

In this video Steve makes a stretcher bed, one pot crap apple and black berry pie along with a look at the Seaflo candle, axe work and basic fire lighting with birch bark. Remember to hit the red link below to visit his YouTube and subscribe for more videos and how to videos.