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Welcome to our Conservation Project Page

Northern Wilderness has had a on going conservation project at Finchale Woodland since 2013 where our role is to clean the woodland, manage the land and plant new trees as the old trees reach the end of there lives.

We are always looking for help with our project work and we do this through our mailing list for our "Friends of Finchale" mailing list.

Northern Wilderness Bushcraft is a none profit conservation project. Its the only one of its kind in the UK. To fund our conservation project we host a monthly bushcraft moot or meet with wild camping and outdoor activities along with camp cooking. We also allow schools and groups to book with all money raised going back in to our conservation project to help us take care of the land, manage the woodlands on the site and clean them up from fly tippers and many years of manmade abuse.

It also helps us to project the land from fox hunters to people that want to hunt for fun and kill our wildlife.

We also like to invest the money in to new tree planting and habitats for the wild life along with creating a safe learning wilderness site with wild camping. We do all of this via our bushcraft and wilderness club and the site is controlled by the club members through volunteering and not just volunteering we actually pay our own money in to the club to make sure we can keep our club alive as sadly there are no kind of grants we can get as the land is private so the only way we can heal the land is via our woodland conservation project and monthly bushcraft moots.

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