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Durham's Monthly Bushcraft Moot at Northern Wilderness | Bushcraft Meet |

Welcome to the home of the first Bushmoot in the UK, we termed the phrase "bushmoot" back in 2003 when we created a private members only moot at our first woodland site which means bush meeting. Its where local bushcrafters and our friends join each month around the campfire for a catch up, share ideas and new skills and help new bushcrafters out with advice and much more. Its fantastic weekend and all are welcome, in 2015 we opened our bushmoot to the public and we hope to see you all there around our campfire.

Where does your money go!

The main aim of our monthly Bushmoot is for us to be able to raise the funds to clean out any man made rubbish that has been dumped over the years. See our Bushmoot woodland is a reclaimed site that has been badly abused by mankind; the aim is to replace the rubbish with trees over time and create animal safe areas and wild camping sites. 

We even have FREE open weekends with wild camping with litter picks and work parties to help us with the site.

So each person that comes along for a full weekend, part of their money goes to buying a new tree, which could be a Scots Pine, Oak or any tree the site needs. To date we have removed over 20 tonne of rubbish from the site. So not only will you get an epic weekend and learn skills that would cost hundreds to learn but you are also helping us save a woodland and really make it an amazing place for our bushcraft community to come together and enjoy the outdoors, every time you visit it helps us create a fund to plant new trees, create a animal, bug or bee habbitat.


Join us each month as a member or none member for our monthly Bushcraft moot or as its known Bushmoot.

Our bushmoot start on the Friday from mid day and ends Sunday at mid day.

The moot is just a wild camping weekend, we don't have any courses, talks or demos organized. If we do we will advertise this on specific moots such as Summer Solstice and Yule etc. 

We host this weekend to open our land to the public so they can experience the love of wild camping and sharing time in the outdoors ins a safe environment where you don't have to worry about fines or been arrested for practicing your bushcraft skills.

We have a mian basecamp in our woodland that most gather at during the moot and share skills, tarde kit or just have a good old chat. We are a family site so we don't allow gangs or large groups and we don't vandalism to trees or liter, we have fines place for this.  

You can meet like minded people and safe dogs are welcome as long as they are nice and friendly. Kids are £5 for the night or £10 for a weekend. Adults are £15 for a night or save £5 if you book 2 nights. All payments online via bank transfer or paypal. Call or text 07525639943 .

Come, give a talk or show at the Durham Monthly Bushmoot and stay all weekend for FREE!

If you would like to give a talk and show on anything bushcraft and survival related from paracorde, to knife makng, camp cooking course to pushing your hand made items then just contact us on 07525639943 and we will get you booked in.

Its free for you to attend, you will eat for free and if you have items for sale you could sell them on!

Contact us today for more info!

Membership for our Bushcraft and Camping Club in Durham

We have memberships opening up each October, to gain access to a membership you MUST attend at least 2 moots and meet the members and staff with 1 moot being an overnight. You must also let us know that you would like a membership. It’s on a first come, first served basis. We do not keep a waiting list as we have hundreds of enquiries, its sheer luck to get one out of the blue or you come along to two moots and we can vote you in even if we are full but it is down to a 100% vote by all members and each member is on a 3 month trial probation.

  • Each membership lasts for 1 year
  • You must abide by the club rules
  • You will get access to 2.5 miles of wild land (we do have area restrictions at different times of year)
  • You can create leave no trace camps, use knives and axes on site
  • You can take part in a basic bushcraft skill course before your wild camp for just £20 which would normal be £60 so you are confident in fire, sharp tools and woodland dangers
  • You also get discounts via the club with likes of GM knives, Hultafors, DD hammocks and many more.
  • You will get access to our private club members page with news and offers
  • The bush moot is free of charge but camping is still £6 per night and food £3 per member
  • Price per year can change, 2016 – 2017 membership price is £49.99 per adult for the year
  • Each time you camp it costs £6 for 1 night, £10 for 2 nights then £5 per night after that
  • Up to 2 under 16’s free. You can get fee camping if you can offer any labour on site!
  • Guests can stay at £15 per night unless they are offering any labour then it’s free.
  • You have free day time access from 8am till 8pm via our own gate

Photos from the Durham Bushmoot!

I attended the Bushmoot & it was a great weekend. I met some nice people & the team who work there are really welcoming & helpful with any info you want to know. If anyone is thinking of getting into wild camping or bushcraft then this is an excellent place to start. For those that are already into this kind of thing, then it's a good way to meet likeminded people. Thanks to the team & the other people who attended for a top weekend.

Paul the DeeJay

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