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F.A.Q's About Northern Wilderness and Wild Camping!

Over the years we have had many questions and many changes, some don't realise what we do and why! So we created a Question and Answer page for you guys to have a read!


Questions and Answers

Q, What is Northern Wilderness?

A, Northern Wilderness is a bushcraft and wilderness club that anyone can join. See our About our Club page. As a club we have created a place for local bushcrafters, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts along with conservationists from sea to mountains. 

So basically we are a club and the funds that are created from club events are then used in a conservation effort for the woodland and land we use.

Q, What is this Bush Moot all About?

A, The Durham Bushcraft Moot is a open wild camping weekend. Basically our land is for paying members only, forest school and school groups only. Once a month we make sure the site has no kids on site and open the full site to the public to join club members at a gathering or moot which is a meeting of like minded folk who want to wild camp, experience the outdoors, learn new skills or relax in the woodlands.

It's a mix of men and women, young and old from beginner to advanced skill levels. Its a safe environment to wild camp, learn and practice without breaking any UK laws. 

Q, What Do You Do at Bush Moot?

A, we meet of and new friends at the moot each month, we gather at base camp or wander off and explore the land from nature watching to having time alone in the wilderness to swing in your hammock or you can enjoy the company of members at our basecamp fire and share skills, stories and have a good chat. Its basically a time to escape work, life and tress and get back to nature.

Q, Do You Allow Wild Camping?

Yes and NO! Basicly we only allow none members access to the land once each month at the Bushcraft Moot. You cannot just turn up and camp when you like.. 

1st, It is school land and Private Property, if you trespass and camp and bring in a knife or axe then you will be committing armed trespass in school property where children are on site at day and night throughout the land, having something to record on could see you imprisoned or fined heavily. Think of it this way. You would not walk in to a local primary school with a knife on you would you? or dare take a video camera. Then start setting fires which is arson or committing criminal damage by chopping down trees? 

Sadly we have had this issue in the past, so today we have a series of trail cameras linked to send footage of trespassing people to 4 members including site security. 

Trespassing on the land will result in a criminal prosecution and has done. 

In the photo, members clean up after vandals broke in and burnt down part of the school, all 6 where caught and charged with arson, child endangerment, armed trespass, theft and whole load of charges. They are now facing up to 14 years in prison.

So all member have to be checked and vetted before they are granted access to the land, due to the cost and process we can only allow wild camping at our bushcraft moot when no children are on site.

Q, Do You Host Courses?

NO! Basically we don't host any training courses during the moot and by special appointment on a one 2 one basis but our main bushcraft instructor is retired and only takes a few select individuals each year along with youth groups and schools for wild camping experiences but Steven J Taylor now lives in Cornwall and only visits on some occasions. We still share our skills, experiences and are happy to show you how but we don't charge to teach people as we dont do that, we are just a club.

Q, Are Young People Allowed at the Moot?

A, Yes definitely, we love to get them off xbox and back to nature, its ideal bonding time but our moots are geared towards adults, but everyone enjoys them, young and old. 

We have space for hammocks, tents, bivvy bags along with 4x4 camping. We do recommend that you come first for just the day to see how they take to it and to see the setup? When we class a person as a young person we are referring to them being below 16 years old and accompanied by adults over 21 years pf age. We dont alow under age kids in groups unless they are with at least 2 adults.

Can i Visit? 

Only by appointment as we may have children onsite, visiting without and appointment and outside of the moot times could see you in some legal trouble. But you can make an appointment to see our site by calling 07525639943.

Q, Are You a Bushcraft School?

No not anymore, we used to be school from 2003 till 2016 when Steve who ran the school retired and turned it in to a club and conservation project. Steve still takes 5 bookings a year maximum for one 2 one training but he still helps out on the school bookings.

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