"To Leave no trace but knowledge" - Steven J Taylor
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Bushcraft, survival, wild camping, bushcraft meet in County Durham Northeast England

Steven J Taylor Bushcrafter - Professional Wilderness Bushcraft Instructor, Guide & Expedition Leader

Above: Steve roasting gammon in hazel sticks!.

Above: Steve ready for winter bushcraft in Scotland

Above: A Jungle style setup built by Steve at basecamp.

Steven J Taylor is a professional bushcraft instructor, expedition guide and wilderness enthusiast.

Steve owns and runs Northern Wilderness Bushcraft and forest Club in County Durham, his real passion is outdoor life, living free and travelling.

Steve has taught bushcraft skills for the best part of his adult life but as he says wisdom comes with time and you can not learn everything in a day and he himself is still learning from the wilderness and will never stop.

Steve has lead many people on expeditions in the UK, Norway, Alaska, from motorcycle and wild camping tours around the land of the midnight sun to bushcraft courses all around the UK to canoe trips in Norway. He is accomplished in dog sledding and winter survival along with working on the river with canoe, stand up paddle boards and in mountain and hill walking along with sea rescue and costal survival.

He is well noted for his roles working with media such as Radio on the likes of the BBC, NE1fm, Metro, TV shows and broadcasting companies such as Living TV, BBC, Orion TV, C4 where he has taken the crews on many expeditions where they have needed a wilderness guide at night or day in woodlands, moor and back country, hills along with rivers or at sea.

Steve is an accomplished swimming coach and tries to swim around 3 miles each week,he is a surfer instructor for Get Salty, coasteering guide and bushcrafter.

He has his own radio show and a blog based on outdoor living and wilderness bushcraft along with a new Youtube channel which launched in 2016. You can also visit his new YouTube as Steve and his partner travel in a retro VW campervan and take part in bushcraft and outdoor activities all over Europe!  Click Here to visit now!

Steve Taylor has been working in the outdoor education industry since he was 15 years old, straight out of school when bushcraft was not even a word, we used to teach wilderness survival but what makes Steve so different is that he actually lived a self subsistent life in the wilderness for over 4 years, living on game animals, wild edibles and making a living from the land. Some would of called him homeless or a hobo but Steve seen it as been a free spirit, someone that will not work for another man, he has pride and part of that is not to ask for help but give it, teach and educate from his life experiences.

Steve has learned wilderness skills in Australia, Bali, Spain,  Alaska, Canada and Norway; he has led expedition in Scotland and Wales along with teaching bushcraft and outdoor skills in Cheddar as a caver and climber, Newquay as a surf coach, diver and RNLI beach lifeguard and in County Durham as the owner of Northern Wildrness Bushcraft School in the last 25 years.

Today Steve operates Northern Wilderness Bushcraft School in County Durham and is currently working on a new book based on his life of travelling and experiences along with many other bushcraft projects.

Steven J Taylor offers..

Steve will happily speak at your event, school or gathering and bring with him a demonstration of bushcraft and Bushlore skills.

He can visit most areas for talks, demonstrations along with group and private tuition at your home or on your land.

Steve offers one 2 one instruction on any bushcraft skill or skill sets.

You can hire Steve as a guide for wildlife tours, history tours, photography walks, UK tree ID walks and much more.

Today Steve lives in Cornwall and works all around the UK.